Winter Fall Prevention & Safety Tips for Commercial Property Owners

Winter Fall Prevention & Safety Tips for Commercial Property OwnersMost property owners are aware that winters arrival increases the likelihood of slips and falls. There are a variety of precautions that can be taken to mitigate the dangers that ice, snow, slush and freezing rains can cause.

Best Winter Fall Prevention & Safety Tips


First and foremost, proper parking lot and sidewalk maintenance is a must. Keeping lots and sidewalks clear and salted or sanded can help to avoid unnecessary slips and falls. Placing drums of rock salt, sand or potassium-based de-icers conveniently near entrances can allow for employees or tenants to do their own sprinkling.

If you have other companies that maintain these areas, your contract should ensure that you, as the property owner, are additionally insured on the maintenance company’s policy. It should also clearly outline the weather triggers for service, appropriate spots for salt and snow storage, with a clear understanding of the property’s slope and drainage system.

Place ample sized floor mats and ‘Wet Floor’ signs at entrances and in other known slippery areas to reduce the tracking of ice and snow into the building. Monitor for puddles beyond the mats and mop up immediately.

Mark any potentially ‘highly vulnerable’ areas with a highly visible pole or similar marker.  Before the winter arrives fix any downspouts or other drainage spots that can cause water to well on walkways or in parking lots.

While you may do everything right to prevent slipping and falling, you still may encounter a situation where someone does take a tumble. Having a good business liability insurance plan to protect you is imperative.

Should a slip and fall incident occur, be sure to have an Accident Report form available for the claimant and any witnesses to complete. Fully document the incident, including as much detail as to where, when and how the event occurred. If possible, take dated pictures of the conditions at the scene of the fall, as well as notate the footwear that the person was wearing.


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