Water Conservation: How to Save Money with This Smart Property Management Tactic

Water Conservation How To Save Money With This Smart Property Management TacticOver the last few years, we’ve all been hearing reports about the United States heading towards a national water crisis. In fact, this situation is so serious that it’s ranked among other national threats like terrorism.

Unfortunately, many U.S. residents still ignore or are unaware of how close to home the water issue really is. Especially, when the aging infrastructure is taken under the consideration. The American Water Works Association estimates that the hardest-hit areas across the U.S. could see a tripling in the cost of clean drinking water.

If anybody should be taking an action toward water conservation, it’s property managers. Where to start? We recommend beginning a full water usage audit of all the properties under your control. Doing so, can save you a substantial amount of money. Not to mention, secure a better future.

How To Save Money With Water Conservation


  • Combine new-generation plumbing devices with tried and true water-saving techniques that can help property managers lower water cost and increase water conservation.
  • Change the diaphragm in older tank-less valves to low-volume models saves one gallon of water per flush. Lowering the frequency of urinal flush from once every use to every other use or converting to water-less urinals will also lower water consumption.
  • Replace existing (30+ years old) toilets with new higher efficiency ones that use less than a gallon per flush for a significant reduction in water usage.
  • Install automatic electronic faucets that are touch-less and motion-sensor-activated. It will not only minimize water use, but also prevents the spread of germs.
  • Stop allowing water to run to warm up. Installing a point-of-use inline heater which heats water as soon as the valve is turned can also add up to substantial savings.
  • Involve building occupants in your water conservation efforts. Utilize signs, internal communications, establishment of water consumption policies, education, encouraging tenants to promptly report any leaks or issues. Continue audits and share successes regularly so that the entire tenement buys into the water conservation effort.

Ready to take action? 

We’re happy to report that there is a growing number of plumbers focused in on “green” initiatives and sustainability. Be sure to check out The Green Plumbers USA and Sustain-Ability Solutions to help meet your water conservation goal.

** Source: ‘Clean Water Crisis Threatens Us’ article posted by ‘The Hill’ (April 25, 2016)


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