Our Team

Clients who work with Asset Management Alliance rely on the professionalism, attentiveness, and competence of our team.  We are committed to delivering personalized service marked by quality and clear communication.  Each of our clients has a dedicated property manager and operational support team, which helps ensure consistently close contact and timely responses.

Our clients know that our team stays on top of every project, from those that are more complex and comprehensive to projects that are more limited in scope. Striving to exceed expectations for every project is a priority.

Nicholas Koski-Vacirca

Director of Operations

Rachael Odle

Property Manager

Rachael Odle- Property Manager, Asset Management AllianceRachael Odle joined the Asset Management Alliance (AMA) team in 2013 and in 2015 she transitioned to the company’s Property Manager. Essentially, she is the liaison between AMA’s clientele, the maintenance team and the several contracted vendors for each site. She is responsible for reviewing contracts, monitoring bid processes and ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.  Odle is committed to keeping lines of communication open and coordinating day to day operations to keep each client’s property running at peak performance, ensuring clients best value in property ownership.

Focusing first on condo associations, she learned how to adapt to the various needs for each owner within a property. In working with several different owners at once, she learned how to spend each dollar wisely for the best interest of all owners. She orchestrates seamless transitions for our new clients, creating realistic operating budgets and plans for future expenses so there are no surprises! As a licensed real estate agent, she understands both the contractual responsibilities as a property owner but also the important components of a real estate investment to maintain value. Odle has developed a real passion for the industry and it shows in her everyday role here at AMA.

Sarah Ruane

Property Manager

sarahSarah joined the Asset Management Alliance team in 2016. She brought over 10 years of experience and background in the construction and real estate fields. Sarah took the lead role in managing the AMA office while focusing on strengthening the day to day office operations as well as customer service with our clients.

In 2018 Sarah transitioned into a Property Manager. Her key roles involve tenant relations, lease administration, capital project management, and monthly expenditure monitoring. Sarah quickly took focus on the City of Wilmington accounts within our portfolio and has made them her own. Over the last two years maintaining these accounts, she has been able to add additional divisions making the City of Wilmington a prominent part of our portfolio.

Sarah is also a licensed real estate agent in Delaware. This education and knowledge with her license adds even more value to our lease administration services provided to our AMA clients.

Chrissy Bassano

Office Manager Manager

Russ Duncan and Ed Perry

Maintenance Managers

Russ and Ed - Maintenance Mangagers, Asset Management AllianceRuss Duncan and Ed Perry are Asset Management Alliance (AMA) Maintenance Managers and have a combined 35 years of experience in exceptional leadership. They are responsible for overall training, safety processes and project management for each mechanic. They serve as the liaison between the AMA Maintenance Team and its clientele and contractors. Russ and Ed work with our Property Manager to ensure each facility is properly maintained safely and securely.

A big part of their job is the daily supervision and scheduling of maintenance personnel, as well as providing mechanical support to facilities and management. They conduct monthly physical inspections of the buildings with the Property Manager and meet weekly to discuss facility needs.  Russ and Ed assist with acquiring cost estimates and approvals for contracted services. They provide written reports, special surveys, and operational requests for data, as required. Their role is an essential part of maintaining our buildings operations.

Maintenance Mechanics

Maintenance Team Members

Maintenance Mechanic Team - Asset Management Alliance

left to right front row: Russ Duncan, John Bottomley, Jeremy Malin, Ed Perry | left to right back row: Fred Meli, Joe Kruk Jr., Jim Hunt, Chris Haley, Tony Tomczyk | Not pictured: Joe Kruk Sr., Ron Burge, Matt Sullivan, Reynolds Pedicone, Brian Kasey, Rob Conley

Meet the Asset Management Alliance (AMA) Maintenance Mechanics team. They are the ones that provide the daily maintenance to your facility. They perform all the duties involved in maintaining and keeping facilities running at peak performance. You name it, our Maintenance Mechanics can do it; they perform basic repairs in electrical, lighting, plumbing, furniture maintenance, carpentry, office fit-outs, interior and exterior preventative maintenance.

Our team can handle as much or as little as you want. We get that each client has unique needs and require different services. That is why we have put together this versatile and professional team, so that we can meet all types of commercial property maintenance and management needs.

The team of Asset Management Alliance believes that it is important to be involved with and give back to the community. We have deep roots in supporting community service projects and organizations, such as Connecting Generations and the MS Society. Our company annually sponsors the MS Society’s Thanksgiving Day Run and the Conquer Chiari Walk Across America.  We are involved with the IFMA (International Facilities Management Association) and the Corporate Commons Maintenance Association. The AMA commercial property maintenance team continues to look for ways to help make our community the best it can be.


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