Asset Management Alliance knows that owners of commercial properties/facilities have specific performance goals that must be met to ensure property value.

We work closely with our clients, striving to be a long-term partner in the achievement of those goals, all of which drive the scope and nature of the services we provide…whether we are called upon to monitor grounds daily for cleanliness and safety hazards, prepare extensive maintenance programs to keep equipment running at its highest level of efficiency, or recommend and implement capital budget programs.

Meeting state, city, and county codes and regulations as well as insurance requirements is essential to avoiding surprises that jeopardize revenues and the well being of tenants. To ensure the security and safety of commercial properties and facilities, we work as a collective team of licensed contractors to make sure all requirements for mechanical, electrical and life safety systems are met, from boilers and sprinkler systems to elevators and security systems.

Our full spectrum of Commercial Property Facilities Maintenance Services include:

  • Property interior and exterior inspection checklists.
  • Contractor supervision.
  • Customized preventive maintenance.
  • Rules and regulations enforcement.
  • Online work order management system.
  • Annual contract reviews.
  • Life Safety programs implementation.

Asset Management’s highly skilled building engineers and maintenance technicians provide:

  • Daily maintenance of all building systems and equipment.
  • Development of and administration of preventive maintenance.
  • 24-hour emergency on-call service for tenant emergencies.

To help reduce labor costs, increase efficiency and provide the most responsive service, our management and field teams use a web-based work order management system. It is fast, easy to operate, and can be used with virtually every type and size of property.








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