How To Keep Your Commercial Property Safe With Proper Pest Control

One of the main responsibilities of the commercial property owner or manager is to keep the building and the people working or living in it safe and healthy. That is why actively monitoring the facilities under the management is a crucial part of the job.


What else should be included in top priorities of a commercial property manager? Insect and pest control. Why? Because pests are not only a serious health hazard, but they can also do real structural damage to buildings.

How To Keep Your Commercial Property Safe With Proper Pest ControlThis problem especially applies to schools, restaurants and medical facilities. If any of the possible pest infestation dangers are overlooked, your business can be impacted in a very negative way.  We cannot stress it enough: The importance of cleanliness and disease-free environments are key to upholding hygienic standards necessary to keep a facility healthy for a building’s inhabitants.

Unfortunately, pest are active year-round, which means that any given commercial facility needs to be thoroughly monitored and treated on regular basis.

There are a number of other reasons why you should implement an extensive pest control action plan for your property. Don’t neglect your products that can become contaminated, the structure of a facility which can become compromised, and diseases that can be introduced to employees and customers. Remember, customers WILL NOT patronize a business that has an obvious pest control issue and its’ reputation can be tainted.


Partnering with a professional pest control company (year-round) is the best way to prevent pests and the problems that they can cause. Such company will help you keep the commercial facility clean and prevent it from even the smallest bed bug. Not to mention, the biggest rats will stop multiplying into a really big pest infestation.

What are other tactics to limit pest problems? Keeping all areas of the facility clean, ensuring trash is removed regularly, and food is stored properly are key. Also, remember to keep drains clean and free of food/ debris, which can be optimal breeding ground for insects.

We also recommend inspecting the entire perimeter of the property to ensure any cracks in the foundation are sealed effectively. It also doesn’t hurt to repair window screens and caulk any gaps found around windows and doors.


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