Did You Know That It Is the Law in Delaware For All Businesses to Recycle?

The Delaware Solid Waste Recycling Law, 7 Del. C. § 6053 (d), requires that “…the commercial sector implement comprehensive recycling no later than January 1, 2014.”

This includes any for profit or not-for-profit retail or wholesale stores, offices, food service establishments, warehouses, and other manufacturing, industrial or processing activities, and institutions such as social, charitable, educational, health care, professional and government services.

Recycling is important. It is one of the most beneficial ways to have a positive impact on the environment. The amount of rubbish we create is constantly increasing because of the growth of our population, an increase in wealth which means people are buying more products which ultimately leads to more waste, and the non-biodegradable packaging of some of these new products.

The landfills where this rubbish ends up are creating harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses that leach into our rivers and streams and poison the air we breathe. Recycling reduces the need for raw materials, uses less energy and reduces the amount of trash that ends up in landfills.

Did You Know That It Is the Law in Delaware For All Businesses to Recycle?The importance of recycling both at work and at home has long been one of my pet peeves. It doesn’t make sense that you would put forth the effort in one place and not the other. Lead by example by carrying through your recycling effort at the office and maybe it will catch on!

You may not have put much thought into how much trash your office generates or how much it costs to transport and dispose of that waste. Businesses that don’t recycle are throwing away valuable resources. Ones that just might be affecting the bottom line!

Reducing waste at the office lowers the costs of the disposal of that waste. A few simple changes in waste management can translate into big savings.

Want to help your workplace to go green?

Implement These 7 Strategies to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at the Office:

1. Eliminate paper memos by sending electronic ones

2. Use less paper by printing on both sides.

3. Make an effort to purchase recycled products (EPP)

4. Reduce the amount of discarded materials by instituting an overall recycling program

5. Conduct an Energy Audit

6. Buy Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

7. Purchase Re-furbished Equipment

In addition, get co-workers involved. Many of them will embrace and may even come up with more waste prevention initiatives.  This can enhance team work and morale.

Recycling solutions benefit the environment by conserving natural resources and using less valuable landfill space. It decreases pollution associated with the manufacturing of these products.

A cohesive recycling program will boost your bottom line AND reflect well on your company. It’s a win, win. There is a growing awareness throughout the commercial and industrial industries in the United States that has been a long time coming. And all I can say is that it is ABOUT TIME!



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