Commercial Windows: How Often Should a Building’s Windows Be Cleaned?

Commercial Windows: How Often Should a Building’s Windows Be Cleaned?Establishing a great reputation for your business involves many different factors. Windows that allow natural sunlight into a building can brighten up the workplace. However, windows can reflect poorly on your business if they accumulate fingerprints, smudges, grime and dust.

There are many reasons to keep your building’s windows clean, but perhaps the best is that while sparkly windows may go unnoticed, dirty and grime-covered windows stick out like a sore thumb. Visitors or tenants pay attention to the appearance of a building and there is only one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one!

The frequency of which a commercial property owner should schedule window cleaning hinges on a number of factors; a building’s use, location, landscaping and weather. Other factors include the type of business, budget, the style of building, and the type of image the business is attempting to portray to the customers.

Retail stores, restaurants, medical facilities have a higher stake in reassuring customers or patients that they take a clean and sterile environment seriously.  If a restaurant’s windows are dirty, what does that say about the cleanliness of the kitchen?  If your Doctor’s windows were filthy, wouldn’t you question whether it was germ-free.

Dirty, grimy, fingerprinted windows are unappetizing and detract from the image of quality you are trying to project.  If your building’s windows get dirtier more easily and more often, then it will require a greater frequency of professional cleaning.  Determining your property’s factors will help you to set up an acceptable commercial window-cleaning schedule.

Here are some guidelines to help determine how often your industry should schedule its window cleaning:

Medical facilities – physician and dental offices, clinics, surgery centers, hospitals, etc. – need not only to present a spotless, well-maintained appearance at all times, they need to be sterile. That means that windows need cleaned on a monthly basis.

Restaurants – Even though restaurants have commercial hoods over cooking areas that extract a good amount of the moisture and grease created, it still has a way of settling on surfaces and allows for a quicker build up on windows. Restaurants should schedule window cleanings every 2 weeks.

Office Buildings – Of course, taking into account your building’s actual factors, the average office building should have a full cleaning (inside and out) about twice a year. However, you might want to have lobbies and other public areas cleaned monthly or every other month.

Retail Stores – And other businesses with lots of foot traffic typically need to be cleaned at least once a month. With as much competition you have, the impression you make is critical to a positive image and repeat traffic.

Commercial buildings that fail to keep up with regular maintenance leads to untidy landscaping, a debris-filled parking lot and dirty, dusty windows that signal that the business that does not take pride in its work or is not doing too well.  Do not let that happen to your business.

It is best if commercial windows never go much longer than a year between cleanings, because the build-up of dirt can lead to stains that make it harder to remove, things such as hard water spots from sprinklers and oxidation that can come from metal screens resting on the glass.


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