8 Late Fall Commercial Property Landscaping Tips

8 Late Fall Commercial Property Landscaping Tips
Good property managers are aware of the importance of maintaining attractive landscaping for retaining commercial tenants and attracting new ones. While it is certainly challenging to maintain commercial properties during the winter season, these landscaping guidelines will keep your commercial property’s landscaping looking good all year around.

8 Late Fall Commercial Property Landscaping Tips:


1. Length of Cut: The last cuts of the seasons should not cut lawns too short, as it will aid in reducing brown dead spots during winter months. The final cutting should be shorter so that it won’t be matted down all winter.

2. Fertilize: A layer of fertilizer should be laid before winter arrives.  It should be high in phosphorous and potassium to help put the nutrients back into the soil and stimulate the roots of the grass to give it a strong foundation for the future growing season.

8 Commercial Property Landscaping Tips3. Eliminate weeds, disease, and pests: Utilize the dormant winter months by removing and/or treating problem weeds, diseased trees and shrubs in order to maintain the long-term health. Commercial property managers should stay on top of pest and insect control at the outset of winter.

4. Winter flowers: Brighten up the landscaping by planting some flowers, shrubs, and trees that bloom in winter. Some good options include Snowdrop, Boxwood, Winterberry, Witch hazel, Camellia, Christmas rose, Sweet box, Mock rush.

5. Pruning and wrapping:  Commercial landscaping can be costly and protecting your investment by pruning and wrapping plants, shrubs and trees that are delicate in burlap sacks and tied with twine to prevent and damage.

6. Sprinkler system: Drain and blow out the pipes in the sprinkler system in order to avoid frozen and burst pipes.

7. Hardscape maintenance: Now is the time to inspect and repair your commercial property hardscaping before the cold weather arrives. Seal any cracks and holes so ice does not get into them and degrade the stonework.

8. Snow and ice removal: Commercial property managers know that winters arrival increases the likelihood of slips and falls. There are a variety of precautions that can be taken to mitigate the dangers that ice, snow, slush and freezing rains can cause. Read our previous blog, Winter Fall Prevention & Safety Tips for Commercial Property Owners for some great advice on reducing these risks.

A Commercial Property’s landscaping and hardscaping adds beauty and functionality, which can make your property more appealing to tenants, visitors and potential tenants. That is why it is worth making a conscious effort to maintain landscaping investments and eliminate any possible risk management.


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