6 Commercial Property Spring Cleaning Tips

6 Commercial Property Spring Cleaning Tips

This is my favorite time of year —perennials are poking through their mulch beds, birds are flocking back to Delaware, and the trees are blossoming — Spring is a beautiful season! Many commercial property owners ‘to do’ lists are full of chores to spruce up their facility, inside and out.

At Asset Management Alliance, we know that this season means gearing up for the highest outdoor maintenance of the year. Yet, concentrating on cleaning and fixing up a building are necessary chores, as well.

6 Commercial Property Spring Cleaning Tips:

1) Spruce up building’s appearance: Spring is a great time to focus on the minute details of your building’s needs – caulk cracks, dust and/or replace light fixtures, repair any hardware on doors or in bathrooms.

2) Wash Windows: Clean the winter grime that has built up on windows inside and oDeep Clean the Flooring:ut.

3) Deep Clean the Flooring: Winter causes extreme wear and tear and a dulling on flooring. A deep cleaning will revitalize tile and carpeting, prolonging life-span and avoiding expensive replacement costs.

4) Power Wash and Repair all Hardscape Maintenance: Winter can be tough on concrete and pavement, make sure all pathways, patios and parking lots are clean and in good repair. Replace, repair and power wash all hardscaping to keep it aesthetically pleasing and prolong its life-span.

5) Get Your Commercial HVAC System Ready for the Season: well-maintained Commercial HVAC will run at peak performance can prolong the lifespan of the system.

6) Check and Test Irrigation Systems: Examine the irrigation system’s nozzles, sprinkler heads, valves and controller to make sure there are no leaks, blockages and is functioning properly.

These 6 steps will reflect well on your commercial property and the surrounding community – you are making a positive impression on all visitors and tenants. Not to mention protecting and possible increasing your investment!

Asset Management Alliance of Delaware is pleased that you have taken the time to read our 6 Commercial Property Spring Cleaning Tips and look forward to hearing what you think or tips that you can share with us. Please check in with us on Facebook, we’d love to discuss this subject further.


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