5 Reasons Commercial Cleaning is Important for Your Business

5 Reasons Commercial Cleaning is Important for Your BusinessNo matter what type of business you are running, you will want others to see you in the best light possible. This can lead to more business and ultimately higher profits. That is why it makes no monetary sense to skimp on your commercial cleaning expenditures.

Hiring a commercial cleaning team or property manager to oversee the day-to-day cleanliness and maintenance of your facility not only speaks volumes about your building, but about your priorities. Keeping up appearances can have a huge impact on your company’s reputation and its bottom line.

Here are 5 Very Good Reasons to Keep Your Workplace Clean:


 1. First Impressions Matter – when a customer or client enters your workplace, they may not realize it, but they are judging you by the surroundings. If your office is shabby and uninviting, you might be losing business to the competition. After all, if you don’t take pride in your office space, what does that say about your work ethic?

2.  A Clean Workplace is a Healthy Workplace – if you want to keep your employees productive and feeling up to the task, provide a clean, germ-free and uncluttered workplace. Daily scheduled cleanings after work hours to eliminate germs before they are passed around the office and take entire departments off-line due to viral airborne illnesses is just smart business.

3. Dust Build Up can Lead to Respiratory Hazards – keep building tenants and visitors healthy by removing the unseen allergens from the premises. If you let dust build up to accrue, the cleaning process is more costly and labor intensive.

4. Bathrooms are Germ Magnates – a workplace bathroom gets plenty of use throughout the day and failure to keep a cleaning regime can be a dangerous way to conserve funds – 75% of Washroom tap handles are serious risk of spreading illness.

5. Bacteria Counts – can increases 31% per day that on Surfaces that are not regularly disinfected, making for very unhealthy conditions.

We spend almost half of our day in the workplace and if not cleaned properly, they can be breeding grounds for disease causing molds and allergens. Minor and major contagious diseases can travel quickly through the workplace, if not properly cleaned. Keep your office morale and productivity levels high by employing a commercial property manager and cleaning partner to sanitize your workplace on a regular basis.


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