5 Landscaping Spring Tips for Commercial Property Maintenance

5 Landscaping Spring Tips for Commercial Property Maintenance
Listen up, commercial property owners! Spring is a perfect time to prepare for the growing season. Have you started assessing any property damage from freezing temperatures this past winter yet?

If you want to make a great first impression, now is a perfect time to invest in diligent commercial property maintenance. Being aware of the need to maintain and care for your property inside and out to lessen any chance of mishaps or hazards is a smart risk management tactic!

While keeping up with the landscaping and maintenance of a commercial property is a year round job, these 5 Landscaping Tips should be implemented in the spring season. Check out our list below and get started making your landscape look well-kept and safe for tenants and guests.

5 Landscaping Spring Tips for Commercial Property Maintenance


1. Comprehensive Landscape and Exterior Assessment. This is the first thing you should do. Take a walk through the entire property and assess for any damage after winter. Are there any hazardous issues? For example, did the freeze/thaw cycle cause any unsafe conditions such as broken or loose paving stones, sink holes, or debris? Search for any holes in window screens and cracks in the foundation, chipping paint or damaged siding or missing roof shingles that need repaired/ replaced.

2. Power Wash and Repair Your Hardscape. Winter can be harsh on concrete and pavement, make sure all parking lots, patios and pathways are cleaned and in good repair. This will ensure a longer life span. Not to mention, it will keep your property looking its best and make it safer for tenants and visitors.

3. Debris Clean up. A simple and great tactic to promote growth! Pick up any debris, such as sticks, twigs, leaves and trash. This will allow fresh air to circulate around the grass, which will consequently alleviate any winter diseases.

4. Check Irrigation Systems. Soon after the last frost, check the irrigation system’s nozzles, sprinkler heads, valves and controller to ensure the system is functioning properly. There should be no leaks or blockages!

5. Repair or Replace Turf. Apply herbicides, fertilizer and insect control. For minor issues, loosen soil and spread some grass seed. Re-sod any large areas that are damaged. Not repairing turf sets a bad precedence, as crab grass and weeds will take over.


To sum it up, by taking these 5 commercial property maintenance steps, you’ll be adding value and increasing your investment long-term! Trust us, your efforts to ensure that your buildings and grounds look aesthetically pleasing and are in good condition all year round will be noticed by visitors and tenants.

Do you need help assessing your property’s condition after winter? Contact us today!

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