10 Tips to Get Your Commercial Landscaping Ready for the Growing Season

Ten Outdoor Maintenance Tips to Get Your Commercial Landscaping Ready for the Growing Season

Get Your Commercial Landscaping Ready for the Growing SeasonCommercial properties that are well taken care of inside and out make a good impression and lessen any chance of mishaps or hazards.  As a property management company located in Delaware, Asset Management Alliance has certain protocols in place to maintain and nurture commercial landscaping, depending on the time of year.  We thought we share some with our readers.

Spring is a perfect time to prepare for the growing season. I assure you that property managers across the nation are taking advantage of the pleasant spring weather to ensure that their commercial landscape will be vibrant and healthy this season.  You should be too!

While keeping up with the landscaping of a commercial property is a year round job, there are a few things that should be done during the spring season. Check out our list below and get started making your landscape look well-kept and safe for tenants and guests.

10 Spring Landscaping Tips for Commercial Properties:


1. Full Landscape Assessment: The first thing a property manager should do once the winter has departed is to walk the entire property and assess for any damage or hazardous issues. For example, did the freeze/thaw cycle cause any unsafe conditions such as broken or loose paving stones, sink holes, or debris?
2. Hardscape Maintenance: As winter can be harsh on concrete and pavement, now is a good time to make sure all pathways, patios and parking lots are clean and in good repair. Replace, repair and power wash all hardscaping to keep it aesthetically pleasing and prolong its life-span.
3. Check Irrigation Systems: Soon after the last frost, check the irrigation system’s nozzles, sprinkler heads, valves and controller to ensure the system has no leaks, blockages and is functioning properly.
4. Debris Clean up: Pick up any debris, such as sticks, twigs and trash. Rake up any leaves to allow for fresh air to circulate around the grass which will alleviate any winter diseases and promote growth.
5. Repair or Replace Turf: For minor issues, loosen soil and spread some grass seed. Re-sod any large areas that are damaged. Not repairing turf sets a bad precedence, as crab grass and weeds will take over!
6. Apply Herbicide: Now is the time to apply herbicide before the weeds appear. Applying after the crabgrass and weeds appear is less effective.
7. Insect Control: Take control of insect infestation by spraying for bugs well before they cause a significant amount of damage to your plants and/or property.
8. Fertilize: Spring is the season of growth and the perfect time to apply fertilizer to encourage seedlings and already established plants.
9. Trim and Prune: Trim any trees or shrubs to help keep their shape and prevent them from encroaching on walkways or causing a hazard to passers-by.
10. Plant Annuals and/or Perennials and Mulch: Clean out plant beds and add new flowers to refresh the landscape. Lay new mulch to allow the soil to retain moisture and prevent weed encroachment.

What’s the Difference between Annuals and Perennials?

Annuals will add color to your landscape all season long, but will not return the following season, whereas, perennials come back year after year.  However, perennials generally have shorter blooming periods than annuals, so pairing them with annuals and other perennials that bloom at other times is a great way to maintain constant color from spring to autumn.

By taking these 10 steps to ensure your commercial property reflects well on the surrounding community and businesses, you’re making a positive statement to all visitors and tenants. Your efforts to ensure that your buildings and grounds look aesthetically pleasing and in good repair the entire season and into the future will not go unnoticed and will increase your investment!

Asset Management Alliance of Delaware is pleased that you have taken the time to read our 10 Spring Landscape Maintenance Tips and look forward to hearing what you think or tips that you can share with us. Please check in with us on Facebook, we’d love to discuss this subject further.



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