10 Holiday Safety Tips for Commercial Property Managers

10 Holiday Safety Tips for Commercial Property Managers
As a Property Manager, your main priority this holiday season should be the safety of your clients and buildings. While you may be aware that more home fires happen on December 25th than any single day except Thanksgiving, these fire hazards also apply to commercial properties.

Statistics say each year approximately 1,300 are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries related to the improper installation and us of holiday decorations and lighting. Christmas tree related fires cost an average of $20 million in property loss and damage each year.

However, following a few simple holiday safety tips for your commercial property this season can help avoid any costly (yet easily preventable) disasters from happening.


10 Holiday Safety Tips for Commercial Property Managers


1. The safest decorations are those made of fire retardant materials.

2. Keep high traffic areas clear of decorations. When it comes to decorating, reception areas, lobbies, foyers and break rooms are the best locations.

3. Stay away from the fire sprinkles. DO NOT hang anything there!

3. Avoid using any decorations that has open flames.

4. Make sure to keep all exit corridors, exit signs, fire alarms pull stations, fire extinguishers or hose cabinets unobstructed.

6. Inspect all electric cords and lights for frayed wires or loose connections.

7. Avoid connecting more than three strands of lights.

8. Avoid overloading electrical outlets.

9. Ensure cords are not a tripping hazard.

10. Turn off all decorations when building is closed to avoid fire risks.



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Happy Holidays!

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